I upgraded my hybrid work desktop with the best gadgets from 2022

Sean Song
2 min readMar 1, 2023

Efficiency is my top priority. Every while I look for opportunities and tools to improve my work efficiency.

This week, I upgraded my whole workspace for a single purpose: a clean desk with tools that controls everything for me. Everything I mean: monitor, camera, microphone and even more shotchuts.

Here it is:

My computer did not change: the Macbook Pro 16inch 2020 model.

Monitor needs to be big, and thin edge. I’m on a budget, so I didn’t pick fancy models. Philip 271V (1080p, HDMI, 27inch) works for me. And since many and often team members come to discuss with me, I need to turn off the monitor often. So HiDock is the perfect main hub for all my setup: I can easily turn off the monitor with just one key click. HiDock has enough ports to connect all other gadgets:

For keyboard, I choose Keychron K12 without a second thought. Also added a toy: Keychon Q0 plus, for its customizable features and cute size. I’m exploring how to turn it into the best meeting control panel for 2023. In 2022, the best meeting control panel was HiDock ZeroOops™️ panel. :-P

Then I picked the Logi MX Vertical for my new mouse.

That’s it, a neat desktop really helped me out of my mind stuck. Now I feel great standing by such a clean workspace with full opportunity of control of my work.

One more thing, I have not finalized my camera selection yet, so stay tuned for my next update.