Memorize the Key Part of Your Meetings with AudioPen

Sean Song
2 min readJun 4, 2023

HiDock was invented with hybrid work in mind. For hybrid work, it happens anytime and anywhere. We want to make our users feel at ease, especially when multitasking.

Meetings can be long, meeting transcripts usually lose focus on plain text. We want to change that with HiDock local recording. You just simply push a button to record the important pieces of meetings. You get MP3 clips and those can be easily turned into short yet important notes.

Today, I’d like to introduce a simple software tool for our HiDock users to accomplish that, AudioPen. (

AudioPen is an elegantly designed audio notes tool based on powerful OpenAI (the technology behind ChatGPT). It allows you to quickly record a piece of voice and it automatically transcribes it to text. Also, it’s powerful AI can help rewrite those texts according to your style preferences.

Below video shows how we’re using HiDock and AudioPen together:

With HiDock and AudioPen, you can take quick note of your thoughts and ideas.

As the inventor of GTD (get things done, the work-life management system) David Allen had said:

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” — David Allen

Our mission at HiDock is to support your work efficiently, with your mind focused on creativity.

So enjoy AudioPen and HiDock.

At the end, we appreciate the good work of Louis Pereira who brought AudioPen to life. For more information, please visit